Join our magic workshops and learn a series of tricks from the foundation to intermediate level

Why Learn Magic?

Magic isn’t just a Great tool to entertain. Believe it or not, it also has therapeutic purposes. With the aid of magic, one can learn to boost his confidence, approach various situations better, improve his public speaking abilities, break the ice in social situations, grow creatively, think spontaneously, improve psychomotor responses and many more! In fact, facts aside, Magic is a great way to make new friends, add spice to your business meetings and a FANTASTIC way to stay the centre of attraction in a group! What better way to learn magic then from a Professional!

Forget books or the internet! Experience undivided attention, personal coaching and personal experiences from Kyle at the Magic Academy.

Types of workshops available


Magic tricks for team-building


Magic for a special occasion performance


Magic Lessons for charity or CSR initiatives


Magic as an elective module


Magic for the aged or persons in need of counsel


Customised lessons for screen or stage

What is the minimum age to start?

Kyle started at 7. We have conducted classes for 7 years old but found that not all are able to retain attention. We highly recommend ages 10 and up.

Is there a class going on that I can join?

At times, there will be public classes with special rates when Kyle collaborates with country clubs/organisations. You might be a member of these associations as well. Keep a look out on the facebook page for updates.

Where do you hold your classes?

99% of our sessions are held in the facility of our booking clients. We provide services in the comforts of your own office or institution. This also helps to keep the cost lower as opposed to paying a rental fee.

I already know some magic, what else can you offer?

We truly love the art of magic and would recommend that if one shares the same love, one ensures that a proper education on the basics is present. Upon which, one with interest is urged to pursue the journey of magic on their own.

What is your minimum class size?

The smallest number we can work with is 10. Get some friends or colleagues together and we assure you a ball of a time!


$24.90 for Learn Magic Now! Over 40 tricks, jokes and gags you can learn!

In this book, you can learn to;

  • restore a torn card
  • juggle three balls
  • make a pencil float
  • spring cards from hand to hand
  • predict the future
  • divine a selected crayon color
  • pass a coin through a napkin
  • make your friend appear out of thin air
  • And much more!
BONUS – turn paper into money! A $30 valued trick yours FREE!