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What makes Kyle the RIGHT Emcee?


What makes Kyle the RIGHT Emcee?

Choosing the RIGHT emcee is a not a game of chance. Its a calculated decision that will potentially make or break any event. As a Singapore Emcee, Kyle takes pride in being THE emcee with a unique combination of magic and show hosting. Here are some reasons why YOU should choose Kyle for your next event-

  1. The fusion of international illusion act with hosting makes for great entertainment10557434_317606515073852_5634260301165099181_n
  2. Kyle always dresses to your themeKyle8
  3. Special care and attention given to your program line up
  4. Innovative Games and Solutionsback to school
  5. A team that supports every eventDSC_2653-2
  6. Leaves long lasting memorable impressions
  7. 100% Interactive and Mass ParticipativeDSC_6506
  8. Makes YOU the organiser look good at the end of the event
  9. NEVER picks on audience volunteers – everyone gets the Star Treatment!_DSC2465
  10. Professional and Committed to giving you your money’s worth

So why wait? Click HERE to contact Kyle Now! _DSC7531


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