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Top Wedding Walk in Songs


Top Wedding Walk in Songs

Having hosted a number of weddings and ROMs in Singapore over the past years, a common question I tend to get or notice is couples having issues with choosing the right wedding march in / walk in song. For the most part, the solution to this lies in the individual taste of the couple. However, I decided to compile a few of my recent favourite songs that are used for weddings. Some common, some not so common. Being a Wedding Emcee in Singapore is tough work and the perks of the job fly in as soon as you see a happy wedding couple and guests having a great time. Here are some songs that make an impact for your next walk in!

Bruno Mars has the perfect voice to hear as you walk in…A great love song to play and if you listen to the lyrics you’ll hear what a deep song this is.

A thousand years, for your love shall last that long! Used for the wedding of Kathleen&Ryan, pictured above, its a great song if you’ve done some simple editing and play the song from the Chorus. Tear jerker this one is…

Jason Derulo, one of his better songs in my opinion and a big hit at weddings of 2014. This might just be one of those timeless songs.

Read Fifty Shades of Grey? This is one of the OST from the movie and by crikey its a damn sweet number  by Ellie Goulding. If you’ve got a good emcee and a good DJ, walk in exactly at 2:02 and you’ll feel an amazing impact.

This song…I can never begin to describe how much I think of my woman when I hear it. What a brilliant song. Even better if the groom can sing this as he walks in… That’s an idea for you Grooms there.

This fella’s LIVE show tickets sold out in minutes. The voice, the song… Perfect. Ed Sheeran, damn if I could sing like him. Anyways, yet another wonderful track for the walk in!



A timeless Classic. And so classy, soothing yet uplifting. Canon in D. Exquisite and perfect for walk in with Gown and Tux.

So there you have it… songs you can use for your wedding. Remember that you’ll also need a good emcee for your wedding and if you’d like to check one out, have a look at The fella’s pretty good. We’ve seen the show before!


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