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Top 10 mistakes made when planning events

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Top 10 mistakes made when planning events

So you’re gonna plan an event and you’ve got loads to plan and prepare for.

This could be your own Wedding, your company’s Dinner and Dance event, your Son’s 4 Year old bash, your parents 40th Wedding Anniversary or even your buddies’ Freedom ceremony. Its with our best interests that you attempt to stay away from these top 10 mistakes that people make while planning events. 

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The following is based on real life examples that I’ve observed from my experience as a Singapore Emcee and providing Illusion shows in Singapore. I hope they serve as a good guide for YOU, the potential client/event planner to ensure the utmost success of your event!

  1. Your ‘friend’ can do this. Your other ‘friend’ can do that
    1. Too many people I know try to go ala carte when they’re dealing with event companies or entertainers. They hear a lady singing at another event, ask her for her number and expect her to put up an equally good show for your DnD. Remember, Ah Gong’s birthday is different from your software company’s event. Bringing in this singer is not going to do any justice for your event. If your friend takes nice photos in your opinion, we would totally support that. But, your friend is not going to be responsible for crucial moments not taken in pictures. Your friend has not been taking photos for 100 Dnds and 50 Weddings a year. Event companies hire these ‘Fotogs’ because they have one thing your friend probably doesn’t have… EXPERIENCE. The very same thing goes for your event’s sound. If the Hotel provides you in-house sound system and microphones, great! However, do note that many hotel sound systems are inadequate and bringing in your nephew who wants to be a DJ/your nephew with a DJ software in his iPad is NOT going to cut it. Stick to the pros… unless your friend is Kyle Ravin. He’s a pro. :)
  2. HUH? $2000? For Emcee? 这就是太贵了 !!!!
    1. Thats not exactly how much I charge for my events. But in all honesty, thats how much you should tell yourself you wanna pay your emcee for. No ones asking you to throw money at people. Its good to find out how much each entertainer would charge you. Different emcees and entertainers obviously charge different. If someone charges you more than you were willing to pay anyone for the matter, try not to exclaim and cheapen this person by saying the above. Take my word for it. Paying top dollar for an entertainer not only starts off with the right foot on ensuring the success of your event, it also keeps the entertainer happy! Though this attitude of not understanding the market rates would not exactly jeopardise the event you’re planning, it’ll definitely educate you on the industry a little better.
  3. Got Discount?
    1. We all know you’ve set aside a budget for your event. Lets say you’re planning a Dinner and Dance for ABC Software Solutions. ( i checked ACRA, its fictitious) Your company has set aside a budget of $10 000 for the entire event. You’ve sorted out the venue and dining and now you’re considering the entertainment for the evening. Here’s the first thing you should do. Start looking up event companies that can support your event. Different event companies do different things so not everyone might be the most cut out for the DnD. You’ve also done some research and you know for a fact you’d like an emcee like myself to host your event. Perhaps convinced you. Now’s the time to tell your event company that THIS IS THE MAN you want. They’ll package it for you with other services. Don’t disrespect the event company and ask for a discount. Trust me, if the total bill is $9281.50 There’s a reason why its priced that way. Do yourself a favour and try not to ask for the 50c reduction. It’ll more than likely save your entire event. For the most part, event companies are more than happy to fluctuate their prices for you, and to give you a better deal. When planning an event, and when your organiser has managed to do everything within cost, why ask for a discount?
  4. I want a Wild Wild West theme. I have to buy costume meh?
    1. Rule of thumb… if you’re gonna have a theme party, consider these two options. Are your guests going to bother dressing up? Do you want to take the time and effort to dress the part? Lets say you’re planning a fairy tale themed event. Great idea! Now going to spotlight and purchasing a cheap plastic tiara is NOT gonna cut it. Many times, people want themed events for the fun of it. The effort they want to put into the event in terms of dressing falls short way too much. Remember, think about your guests too… Is it a working day? Do they have to bring their outfits to work? How ‘happening’ are your colleagues? I once had an event which I hosted with a Wild West theme. Words cannot describe my shock when the committee started complaining about having to make a trip to DAISO to get cowboy hats. They shouldn’t have selected a theme in the first place.
  5. I think I’ll end the event with a Thank you speech
    1. Technically this isn’t wrong. But… what I think ‘s very wrong is not understanding the flow of events to follow. Lets say you’ve got a wedding coming up and you want to close the night with a thank you speech. Thats ideal. Still, you’ve gotta understand the contexts of the program line up. If you’ve hired an emcee, discuss with him what he intends to do . We all know its YOUR big day and you want things your way. Nevertheless, giving room for the emcee/ event company to plan out where you want the formalities to go will save your event’s ultimate ‘feel’. At times, what you feel is right with regards to placing your speech/cake cutting might not exactly be the most ideal slot with respect to your event. Every event needs to have a HOOK. Whats a HOOK? Read on here –
  6. My guests will come late. Confirm plus CHOP!
    1. At times, clients and celebrants assume that their guests are always late. Sometimes they call it “Indian-timing”. This is when pre event activities and fringe activities get cut. Because you ASSUME that your guests wouldn’t be on time. Always plan for the early birds. The eager beavers and the enthusiastic party animals. These people are the life of your party. Keeping your guest engaged from the very second they enter the venue is the work of a good event co-ordinator. If your event company does not mention pre-event activities, it could be that they might have overlooked it. These professionals strive to do the best they can for you and sometimes these things might be overlooked. Feel free to remind them. Remember, Newtons’ Law. Anything can go wrong. Plan for your guests to arrive early. Ensure they are engaged throughout!
  7. My Emcee will co-ordinate the event for me. That’s an awesome deal!
    1. Lets be very honest. The emcee’s role is to facilitate the program flow. He takes the audience on a journey. Other than that you still need to have a proper co-ordinator to ensure everything is in check. He needs to run his lucky draw, and he can’t be running down stage to grab the lucky draw bowl for you. He needs to give out prizes during his games. Someone needs to see to these necessities. One man or Woman cannot do everything himself. Chances are, if you’re getting someone who says he will single handedly sort everything out for you, something is gonna go very wrong. If this person comes with a team then you’re in great hands. If the event company provides you with a stage manager, then you know you’ve made the right choice. If all else fails, ensure someone from your committee or family is prepared to manage the stage. IMPORTANT!
  8. I’ve planned it all out myself. Nothing will go wrong
    1. Tough luck my friend. Many things will go wrong and any good emcee is someone who can definitely handle situations well. Its not just about what happens on stage here. Its about unforeseen circumstances. Does your emcee have games he can still play without a mic or music? What if there’s a black out? Trust me, its happened before. Who handles the crowd when the banquet is delayed by 10 mins to bring out the next course? The Emcee and the event company. These people play a Huge role in ensuring that your wedding or event go smooth. Even when there are mess-ups that aren’t our fault, we’ll cover it up to ensure no one spots anything. Thats what we want for you. Success in your event. Plan for everything. For instance. You have a video montage to play. Its in your Mac. Ensure you’ve got all the adaptors for projection. Check double check and triple check with the venue if they have the right hardware for you. Bring your videos in a hard disk, and have it in your laptop. Even better, bring two laptops. It’ll save you loads of trouble.
  9. All my songs are in this thumb drive. The DJ will play it.
    1. Here’s a situation that many clients go through. Music is too loud, music is too soft. I want to hear POP. I want to hear techno…going up to the DJ and asking for songs to be played from a thumb drive you just passed him etc. Give the DJ a break. He’s doing his job and probably doing it very well if he’s hired by your emcee or event company. Its hard to please everyone’s music tastes but a good DJ knows how to get the crowd going. He is probably one of the most important people at the event running your show. Basically, respect the person behind the console.
  10. No need for a program. This event is gonna go on Auto pilot.
    1. Mayday Mayday! This just spells disaster! You fail to plan, you plan to fail! Remember that. Having a program is vital for any event. Plan it out with your wedding planner, with your emcee and the event company. If its not in print, its not gonna happen right. Planning events is a tough process and whether you’re doing it yourself or leaving it to the pros, you must have your program at hand. You need to see the flow of events. Don’t put on a jazz singer right after a drag queen performs just because you think you wanna have them take the stage. A good program is not something easy to do. It takes experience and practice to get it right. What ever it is, do not ever do without it.

There we have it folks! 10 mistakes people commonly make when planning events. Avoid these and you’re on the right track to have a spectacular celebration!

Talk soon,

Kyle Ravin


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