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The Wedding Emcee


The Wedding Emcee


Its your BIG day. Everything is set and ready to go. You’ve invited a decent number of 200 people. Everything is happy and joyous and then you realise, the wedding dinner is missing something. What did you miss out on? Uncle Wong and Auntie are belting out everyones favourite Canto-pop tunes. The cousins are getting ready to charm the stage with a cute rendition of a Bruno Mars number. Yet… there’s something that’s missing…

The typical case of a wedding without an emcee. More often than not, one thing couples miss out on is the Master of Ceremonies. Getting your sisters friend to ‘make announcements’ will not cut it. Your wedding is like roller coaster ride. The Emcee is the car. He straps you in place, ensures you’re secure and then makes it a spectacular experience. Without hiring an professional emcee, you’re pretty much in a bumper car ride looking up at the roller coaster track.

Many times, as the wedding emcee, I feel I wear different hats. I’m the announcer, I’m the guy that makes the crowd stand in excitement and most important (personally speaking) I help with drawing out the program flow for the evening. I’ve had friends speak to me about their weddings in the past (with no Professional Emcee hired) and mention that the very second the last course is served, people VANISH! Lets be honest… you invite 200 people for instance, if you’re lucky only 30% will actually mean something to you. No offence to your guests… but many a time you won’t know EVERYONE…

Enter the role of the professional wedding emcee. This is the guy (cheekily pictured above) that is the hook that keeps people staying. People stay at your event for two reasons. The food and the lucky draw. Weddings, unless you’re willing to be a non conformist, don’t have lucky draws. Adding to this equation is no matter how much you’re paying for dinner, you’re not going to please everyone’s taste buds. We all know that every wedding will have a select few that comment that the food isn’t up to their expectations.

The solution- Take their minds off the food! Get a professional emcee to run the show for you. Firstly, a professional, NOT your neighbour that chats you up all the time, understands well the interest curve within an event. He sees each event as a graph. He knows when the line rises, when it dips. He knows that without him, the graph would shoot straight up the moment the guests see you and your partner and in all honestly it totally dips after that. Yes you could possibly chug barrels of beer down everyone’s throat and hope that the night is full of the typical Singaporean “YAAAAAAAAMSENG” but what else?

You want to leave your guests feeling wowed. Aside from spending heaps of money on decorations, wedding favours and your bridesmaids’ dresses, think about a good emcee.

Personally I love hosting weddings. Its very much an honour to know that I’m playing a huge role in the holy matrimony of two lovers. There have been events where I’ve seen touching montages of Love, moving speeches and all weddings have a great take away for me. I’ve grown to love hosting weddings and I enjoy it even more when couples want to do things differently.

Getting married soon? Found your Emcee yet??


-Kyle Ravin

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