Singapore Emcee Kyle

The Singapore Illusionist with the international show

The Singapore Illusionist with the international show

Thru Steel2 Kyle Ravin Modern art illusion


Kyle Ravin has been performing magic since the age of 7 and presents his brand of world class magic and illusions for events. Kyle’s award winning magic has been seen in various countries globally and he has also headlined a full production in Las Vegas.

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Kyle’s Illusion shows are customisable to various staging , budget and thematic needs ensuring that audiences are not just amazed with his magic but also taken on a journey. Each show features interactive segments, solo acts from Kyle’s repertoire and grand scale illusions for the big stage.



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Witness Kyle walk through a steel plate, make people appear, levitate himself or an audience member or even saw himself in half. The show features high energy and BIG magic that takes any event to the next level.


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