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The Hook

Ahh! Good that you’ve found this article. What I’d like to share in the upcoming paragraphs is my account as a corporate emcee and an illusionist for events in Singapore. Many times, I’ve realised that some events tend to be more ‘happening’ than others. Its made me wonder, from an entertainer’s point of view… WHAT MAKES AN EVENT TICK?! Doing professional Emceeing for the past five years and performing magic as a Pro for the past 8 years, I’ve realised that every event has a HOOK. I might not make much sense for now… but I guess as this article progresses, you might feel the same way I do. In any case that you don’t, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Everyone is entitled to theirs right?




You’re planning an event, and you might just be a curious reader or an event company reading this. What I’m about to share is definitely not the gospel. What it is, is my observation. My question when an event is being planned, or when I’m hired as the Master of Ceremonies is…What’s the Hook?

What do I mean by the hook? I’m referring to the one thing about the event that keeps people staying. What prevents people from leaving halfway right after dinner? The hook, is what people stay for… its the reason why the audience has a good time.

At some events, the hook could be the right emcee. I’m no perfectionist, and I definitely learn from every show I do, but I like to think of myself as the first Hook. As the show host, I keep my audience occupied. I keep them entertained and I definitely go all out to ensure they stay and ENJOY the party.

The Hook could also be your lucky draw prizes. Trust me, microwave ovens and hair dryers make okay lower tier prizes but your top five should definitely be of much more value. Just within the past year itself, I’ve had the privilege of giving out the following at my shows –

  1. iPad
  2. iPad Mini
  3. 60inch SMART Tv
  4. Blank Travel Ticket ( you decide your destination)
  5. $3000 dollars in Cash (great if you can’t figure out what to buy)
  6. Samsung phones ( all of them!)
  7. $1000 LV vouchers
  8. A Mercedes C class Car ( no BS. YES this is true )

There are of course, other hooks. Alcohol tends to be one good hook… but then again, depending on your company dynamics, this might be a make or break.


What I’m driving at is simple, each event needs to have that one thing that keeps people interested and staying! When I perform magic and illusion shows, I do my best to ensure that each show is customised to suit the clients profile. No two shows are ever the same and I continue to rework my material to keep my audience for the 30mins I’m booked for.

As the emcee, I try to re-invent my games and approach to the classics. Most people have attended a Dinner and Dance in some point  of their lives. Almost all DnDs have got a best dressed pageant. In my opinion, almost all of these are judged by audience votes of how loud a cheer the contestants get. What I try to do as an emcee is take the old and give it a fresh new twist to it. Each act, each game, each line that’s delivered at the event will have a HOOK.

Give it a shot… if you’re planning an event ask yourself, whats the hook? Don’t invite 300 people for a birthday party and do the cake cutting as soon as the birthday celebrant arrives. Then whats your hook after which? Nothing will stop your guest from leaving. Think about it… What’s your Hook?


Yours thoughtfully,

Kyle Ravin

Singapore Emcee




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