Singapore Emcee Kyle

Singapore Floating Man Illusion


Singapore Floating Man Illusion

Kyle Ravin presents Singapore’s first and only floating man illusion for hire. Of late, we have made modifications to the Floating man illusion and it is now more user friendly in many situations. We rotate our floating man performer based on the job scope.

Floating Man Illusion Singapore Floating Man

Featured above is our Oriental theme floating man. Great for Chinese New Year events or events that require a specific type of branding.

floating-silverman floating-silver-man god-of-fortune-floating-man-2 god-of-fortune-floating-man chinese-floating-man-singapore floating-man-singapore floating-man-illusion


There are many other looks that can be put together for the floating man illusion. All you need to do is have an idea and speak to us about it and we’ll put something amazing for you!

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