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Singapore Emcee will even wear a dress if he needs to!

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Singapore Emcee will even wear a dress if he needs to!





Being an Emcee in Singapore, I am exposed to many different themes and event types. With the dawn of the new year, (its 2nd Jan 2018 today) I decided to review some of my favourite looks for 2017.

Kyle Ravin Emcee Singapore

Each event is completely different and my team and I put in the most we can to ensure we’re in themed costumes and we work closely with event planners/agents and you to guarantee the success of each event.

Singapore Emcee Kyle Emcee Entertainer Kyle John Class Piccadilly tailor emcee singapore kyleKyle Ravin

Some looks take a little more effort than others. Above, you’ll see my Harley Quinn inspired look for a movie theme.


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Fancy an Astronaut for an around the world theme? Or Have a power ranger host your event!

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No matter what the theme or occasion, its my duty as an emcee to be dressed up to the theme and to work the crowd accordingly! If you do have a theme party / event in singapore y0u’d like us to host, send us an email or speak to your event planner!


Happy New Year !


Kyle Ravin


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