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Interactive Illusion Show

Interactive Illusion Show

Kyle Ravin Modern art illusion

The interactive illusion show, as we call it is one of Kyle Ravin Productions’ best sellers in terms of showtime options. The show features 30mins of hard hitting action that involves the AUDIENCE…100%

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Join Kyle on a journey through different forms of illusion, all demonstrated with the help of audience volunteers!

floating table illusion Ring illusion strait jacket

The shows feature illusions that depend ultimately on the audience to be performed. This makes the audience a part of each magic act presented PLUS makes them a star. Acts vary on a show to show basis but the usual highlights include –

The Ring Escape

The Headache Illusion

Reading the Boss’ Mind

The Levitation Illusion

Volunteer Dummy 16356_854190984592643_4780662961933100882_n

A show not to be missed, call/discuss with the team about how we can involve YOUR staff or guests in the next show. We might just be able to make a boss float or perform something special with a special person!


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