Singapore Emcee Kyle


Singapore Emcee will even wear a dress if he needs to!

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Being an Emcee in Singapore, I am exposed to many different themes and event types. With the dawn of the new year, (its 2nd Jan 2018 today) I decided to review some of my favourite looks …

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Singapore Floating Man Illusion


Kyle Ravin presents Singapore’s first and only floating man illusion for hire. Of late, we have made modifications to the Floating man illusion and it is now more user friendly in many situations. We rotate our floating man performer based …

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What makes Kyle the RIGHT Emcee?


Choosing the RIGHT emcee is a not a game of chance. Its a calculated decision that will potentially make or break any event. As a Singapore Emcee, Kyle takes pride in being THE emcee with a unique combination of magic …

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