Singapore Emcee Kyle


What makes Kyle the RIGHT Emcee?


Choosing the RIGHT emcee is a not a game of chance. Its a calculated decision that will potentially make or break any event. As a Singapore Emcee, Kyle takes pride in being THE emcee with a unique combination of magic …

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Client Testimonials


We have the pleasure to perform and entertain at different events almost every other day. In our line of work we get a 100% thank you response after every event. However, there are a handful of clients who make it …

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Top Wedding Walk in Songs


Having hosted a number of weddings and ROMs in Singapore over the past years, a common question I tend to get or notice is couples having issues with choosing the right wedding march in / walk in song. For the …

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Thru Steel2 Kyle Ravin Modern art illusion


Kyle Ravin has been performing magic since the age of 7 and presents his brand of world class magic and illusions for events. Kyle’s award winning magic has been seen in various countries globally and he has also headlined …

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Kyle Ravin Modern art illusion

The interactive illusion show, as we call it is one of Kyle Ravin Productions’ best sellers in terms of showtime options. The show features 30mins of hard hitting action that involves the AUDIENCE…100%

DSC_2735 DSC_6566

Join Kyle on a journey through different …

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The Wedding Emcee



Its your BIG day. Everything is set and ready to go. You’ve invited a decent number of 200 people. Everything is happy and joyous and then you realise, the wedding dinner is missing something. What did you miss out on?

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The Hook

Singapore Emcee

Ahh! Good that you’ve found this article. What I’d like to share in the upcoming paragraphs is my account as a corporate emcee and an illusionist for events in Singapore. Many times, I’ve realised that some events tend to be …

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Top 10 mistakes made when planning events

kyle ravin

So you’re gonna plan an event and you’ve got loads to plan and prepare for.

This could be your own Wedding, your company’s Dinner and Dance event, your Son’s 4 Year old bash, your parents 40th Wedding Anniversary or even

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